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1 about

These are my some of the notes and semi-literate programs I've been working on.

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2 articles and literate programs

language article description
misc mini-rosetta language comparison for various small tasks
haskell arimaa.hs haskell library for the strategy game arimaa.
retro bled.rx dvorak adaptation of retro's editor
pascal bp.pas b+ tree unit for free pascal
retro mineswpr minesweeper for retro
pascal mr minrel : a tiny database system
js/retro one-red-pixel log of my first experience with retro's ngaro virtual machine
- retro-pascal notes on implementing a pascal compiler for retro
retro retro-trail port of retro's commentary.txt, which explains the bootstrap process
retro topdown-retro another attempt to understand retro's bootstrap process
forth winfield-pascal-83 transcription of Dr. Alan Winfield's 1983 pascal-in-forth articles.